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Step 1: Purchase your Cropter

Get your Cropter, the world's most versatile LED grow light. Now, for the first time ever, growers can fine-tune the intensity, spectrum, and distribution of light their plants receive. The result: a completely customized growing experience that puts you in control of cultivation.

1,570 µmol/s @ 780 watts | 3 LED channels | adjustable light distribution | Made in Germany | 5 year warranty

Step 2: Participate in our free consulting program

You will never grow alone. Our experts will help you with all aspects of implementing spectral tuning strategies. From the initial setup to continuous biological consulting, we will be keen to help.

personal consulting | 10 years of experience | covers all aspects of your grow

Step 3: Get your free Control HUB

The Cropter Control HUB allows you to connect hundreds of Cropters and control them remotely (online or offline). You can earn your free Control HUB by participating in our free consulting program for at least a full grow cycle.

set up and export/import lighting schedules and recipes | connect hundreds of Cropters | remote updates

Become a master of tunable LED grow lighting

Spectral tuning is truly the future of LED grow lighting. Applying it can be a very sophisticated process. We want to help spreading the knowledge based on our 10-year experience. Our free personal consulting program will guarantee your success.

For only $1,990 you will get the most versatile LED grow light made in Germany, free personal consulting by our experts and last but not least a Cropter Control HUB for free.*

*You will receive the Control HUB after participating in our personal consulting program for a full grow cycle.