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World's most versatile LED grow light

The Cropter is easily adjustable to your grow method and area. It provides 1.570 µmol/s @ 780 watts and is recommended for the illumination of up to 25 sq. ft. (flowering).

Adjustable light distribution

HashCropter LED grow light adjustable armsHomogeneous light distribution is crucial in order to optimize yields as well as crop quality.

To achieve this, we designed the Cropter to be the first LED grow light with adjustable arms.

You can choose between one of four positions (see picture).

Integrated touch panel

HashCropter LED grow light touch panel The integrated touch panel of the Cropter allows you to fully control the intensity of each of the 3 LED channels (blue, white, red) and thereby to control the intensity and spectrum of the light with no need for additional equipment.

You can adjust each of the 3 channels individually as well as the overall light intensity.

Fully networkable

For those who want sophisticated light recipes, monitoring functions and remote control, it is possible to connect hundreds of Cropters with the Cropter Control HUB.

For more information visit the product page or

Technical data

electrical power 0 - 780 W
max. output (PPF) 1,570 µmol/s
system efficiency up to 2.1 µmol/J
spectral adjustability 3 channels: 0 - 100% (CC-Dimming)
recommended coverage area 25 sq. ft. (5 x 5 ft.)
12 sq. ft. (4 x 4 ft.)
auto voltage 100 - 240 V
maximum current 6.6 A @ 120 V (3.3 A @ 240 V)
3.4 A @ 230 V
frequency 50/60 Hz
power factor >0.98
heat output 1,651 BTU (max. 2,751 BTU)
ambient temperatures 50 - 104 °F
thermal management active
weight 22.7 lbs.
dimensions (LxWxH) 23 x 23 x 6.5 in
lifetime rating (overall system) 50,000+ hours of operation
warranty 5 years
certifications CE, UL in progress

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