Citizen Scientist Package: Grow Nerd

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This package includes:

  • 1x Cropter
  • 1x Control HUB
  • Free Consulting*

Join the home grow revolution

Thousands of dollars are spent at dispensaries while home grown cannabis costs less than $1 per gram. So why is not everybody in the legal states growing their own? From our own experience, the major obstacles are getting the right equipment, setting everything up and avoiding rookie mistakes. Therefore we designed our Citizen Scientist Packages to provide both the technology and the assistance needed to be successful. Even if you are an experienced grower, our engineers and plant biologists will help you to expand your knowledge.


Cropter is the first LED grow light equipped with fully adjustable spectral tuning and light distribution capabilities. By allowing you to fine-tune crucial lighting parameters, Cropter expands your ability to influence outcomes, providing a completely customized experience that puts you in control of cultivation.

  • 0 – 780 Watts
  • up to 2.1 µmol/s
  • 3 LED channels: 0 – 100%
  • Spectral Extension Mods allow to add a fourth channel
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in Germany

Cropter Control HUB

By adding software-enabled programming and automation functionality, Cropter Control HUB unlocks Cropter’s true capabilities. This powerful console makes it easy to program lighting recipes and schedule them to run at specific times of day (as well as on a calendar schedule). Additionally, each HUB can control hundreds of Cropters. Simply log on to the HUB’s built-in UI with your computer and discover the possibilities.

  • interconnect hundreds of Cropters and AIR sensors
  • monitor and control your lights remotely

Free Consulting*

Whether you are an experienced grower or you just want to get started, growing cannabis can be a sophisticated process.

As we want to spread the knowledge, we set up an innovative consulting platform that allows our partners and clients to interact and learn from each other via a free community forum. Our assisted growing program offers:

  • detailed diaries of our cultivation trials
  • deep-dives into our Cropter tech and control software
  • full access to cultivation and spectral tuning reports

For more information visit the product page or

*Only in states where homegrowing cannabis is legal.

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